Staff are very grateful for any financial assistance the Trust can provide to aid their onging education. The following are a few snippets taken fom their reports. 

The theme was “Enrich family – Enhance Care”

Great presentations......Rachel Callander – The impact of Language and Empowering Communication at Diagnosis – Rachel is the author of the Superpower babies book which we have two copies of in our neonatal unit. She produced this fabulous book following her experience with her child who had a life limiting disease. 

“Made me very mindful of how important good communication is for parents of these infants”

Key note speaker Dr Heidelise , Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and is the Director of Neurobehavioral Infant Child Studies, in Boston Children’s Hospital.

“She was an inspiration”

“An incredible pioneer of neurodevelopmentally supportive care”

“Truly inspirational”

There was much sharing of knowledge, practices & expertise. Great emphasis on increasing skin to skin/ kangaroo care with parents. The future depends on managing this within our neonatal intensive care environment to optimize neurological and cognitive wellbeing and developmental outcomes.

“What changes do we have to make to achieve this in our unit?”

The networking with our International colleagues was extremely beneficial. To listen to the nurses from Rwanda, South Africa, Samoa, China, Japan, etc. was fascinating.

“Interesting in how they cope with limited resources.”

Thanks to the Trust for funding this very worthwhile conference.