The trust purchased one of these books for the social workers in the unit to use with parents of babies who are different.

Super Power Baby Project is a photographic art book which features striking photographic portraits of 72 children with chromosomal conditions, taken by award-winning photographer Rachel Callander. The personality of each child shines through, with text that explains the qualities and life-changing powers each one brings. Rachel's insights and images offer a fresh understanding and language regarding disability. The stunning photographs of the children alongside the conversations with their parents are truly uplifting to readers of all ages.

The Super Power Baby Project is helping to create a new language to describe disability. As a result of this project, people are seeing the value, potential and beauty in others. As humans we are all different, we all have strengths and attributes that can be celebrated. 

What people are saying:
"one of the most heart-warming, beautiful books on the planet"

"the book is gorgeously lux and the quality honours all those inside."

for more information on this book go to : super power baby project